Tkachyk Farm

The Tkachyk Farm has been in the family since  1907.
The grass  farm consists  of  a  cow calf operation south of Sundown in southeastern Manitoba. All baby calves are born in May, when the rest of nature’s newborns arrive. Some animals are selected for the grass-fed program and marketed to a web site  The natural beef are sold to meat shops in Steinbach and Winnipeg.
Cattle are placed into fresh grass approximately every 3 to 5 days (rotational grazing) during the summer months with the help of two border collies.
The cattle operation is a good fix for the land in the area. The animals helps keep the land healthy, with bale grazing feeds the soil for improved grass production for future grazing seasons.  
Randy Tkachyk
Box 70
Sundown, Manitoba
R0A 2C0
(204) 425-3631