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Bouw Farms / Edie Creek Angus

Bouw Farms Ltd & Edie Creek Angus is a family farm owned and operated by Jonathan, Stefan, and Herman Bouw and their families.

Jonathan and Stefan are the third generation on this farm, which was established in 1960 when our Grandpa (Opa) bought the land shortly after immigrating from Holland in 1957.

Today, Jonathan and Eileen and daughters Lucille & Karis plus identical twins on the way!, Stefan and Kendra and their four children Jaxon, Mikaya, Alexa, & Micah, and Herman and Marilyn are all contributing to the farm and earning a living from it.

Herman considers himself very blessed to have his two sons working with him, supporting their families, and Jonathan and Stefan are grateful for the chance to farm together as a family.

We are very committed to the land and animals we take care of and are also actively involved with various Agricultural groups, as agriculture is very important to us - it’s our livelihood!

We are also involved in our communities, and are active participants in our local churches,’ children’s programs and music teams.

We raise our cattle on Organic pastures, and feed them Organic hay as a part of our Organic crop production system.

We believe that safe, high quality food can be produced in our pasture-based system, as cattle were designed as ruminants with 4 stomachs, able to convert grasses and forages into a high-quality protein product with minimum human intervention. Our cattle are not fed antibiotics, nor are they given any synthetic growth promotants such as hormones.

We handle the cattle in a low-stress manner, respecting their safety and their natural preferences. Our farm enterprises include purebred Black & Red Angus cattle, Grass-fed Beef, Natural Lamb production, and Organic crops, including grain for human consumption and forages to feed the animals. It’s enough to keep 3 grown men very busy year-round!!

Our Grass-fed beef has been receiving rave reviews as friends & repeat customers are amazed at its wholesome rich flavour and tenderness. They are also happy to know that it has been locally raised with holistic and sustainable farming practices and is supporting young Manitoba Farmers and their growing families!

Our beef is available by ordering by the quarter, half, or whole beef, plus ground beef can be purchased separately.

Email us
here if you would like more info about buying our Gourmet Grass Finished Beef in bulk, or to place an order directly.

information form & order form are also available on the Grass-Fed Beef page of our Website.

We are located less than 40 kilometers from Portage and Main in Winnipeg, and we would love to share a walk around our farm with you and tell you about why we do what we do! Email us to arrange a visit!

Jonathan & Eileen Bouw (picture of their wedding - 2009)
Lucille, Karis, & twins!

Stefan & Kendra Bouw, Jaxon, Mikaya, Alexa & Micah

Herman & Marilyn Bouw

Anola, MB
Call or Text:: (204) 471-4696