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Von Bargen Farm

We started our farm in 1986. We have 3 children, Derek, Bryce and Laura. We currently own 6 quarters of land and have 100 purebred and commercial Angus cows. We start calving in April and retain the calves which we graze as yearlings.

When we became aware of the health benefits of grass finished beef versus conventional grain finished beef, our whole farm and philosophy changed. We use bale grazing in the winter and rotational grazing (moving the cattle through a series of paddocks) during the grazing season. The manure distributed improves our soil fertility, resulting in nutritious grass and high quality beef cattle. The animals are provided a smorgasbord of quality forage to choose from. They are raised the way Mother Nature intended; no antibiotics, no hormones, and no chemicals.

Our cattle are treated with respect. Their physical and mental health are always at the forefront of our daily operation. We believe that a happy cow is a healthy cow, so we always try to keep them happy and content to the best of our ability. Our herd is selected based upon their ease of maintenance and their ability to withstand our Manitoba climate. We have achieved this by careful selection and the use of artificial insemination.

We welcome your inquiries on the purchase of our beef and breeding stock and thank you for visiting this website.

Contact us:
Joyce & Cal Von Bargen
Box 41
Sifton, MB R0L 1X0
Phone: (204) 655-3320