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Simundsson Farm

The Simundsson farm has been a family owned and operated farm in the Interlake, near Arborg, MB since 1901. Ruminant animals, such as cattle and sheep, have digestive systems that are specially design to eat grass. We believe that animals should live the life they were naturally built for. We believe that the protein portion of your food can come from a natural system that has been in place for thousands of years, turning a perennial forage resource that humans can’t eat, into something we can.
Our primary focus is to replicate nature. We accomplish this in a sustainable manner, using rotational grazing. This is the way the bison utilized the prairies when they roamed free, with short periods of intense grazing and long periods of rest for the grass to recover, supporting the natural balance of the ecosystem Our grandparents raised animals on a similar diet and you may remember the taste difference!

If you are looking to get closer to your food source and reduce the food miles in your diet, we would like to be your farmer, and provide your family's meat protein needs. We are certified by the Winnipeg Humane Society for the ethical treatment of animals. You can be assured that when you purchase our meat products, you are supporting the practice of raising animals in a humane, natural way with no artificial hormones or antibiotics.

We sell provincially inspected grass-fed beef by the whole, half, shared halves, or variety packs. On occasion, we also supply grass-fed lamb and chickens.

We service the Interlake, and Winnipeg, with regular deliveries arranged to accommodate a number of customers. Arrangements can be made for some other parts of the province. Pick-up points may also be arranged.

Contact us:
Heather & Bragi Simundsson
Box 26 Arborg MB.
R0C 0A0