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Nerbas Bros. Angus

Nerbas Bros. Angus is a family beef operation located at Shellmouth, MB. We are primarily a cow / calf based operation that also markets breeding stock. Our herd is all Black Angus genetics, consisting of 100 purebred and 500 commercial cows. It has been our focus to produce cattle that can thrive in a forage based environment.

We are not an organic operation but our goal is to work with nature and let the land and animals do what they do best….produce beef from grass. We have been operating under Holistic Management principles for the past 8 years. We do not use growth hormones and antibiotic use is limited to as needed. Animals marketed as grass-fed beef do not receive growth hormones or antibiotics. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on our grasslands, but rely on the nutrient cycling through the animal and intensive grazing to maximize our grass production.

We specialize in grass fed beef genetics, both for breeding and live animals for sale. Animals for sale can range from calves freshly weaned off the cow to 3 year old grass fattened animals ready for slaughter.

Contact us:
Gene, Cynthia, Shane & Arron Nerbas and Families
Shellmouth, MB
Phone: (204) 564-2540