Publications by Manitoba Forage & Grassland Association

Technology Transfer Mission – Argentina Forage Finished Beef Booklet (36 pages)

This 36 page booklet provides feeding strategies for a forage finished beef product that are transferable to the Canadian climate. It also includes information on the global consumption of beef, export opportunities and state-of-the-art processing facilities.Contact us if you would like a CD of the Argentina Forage Finished Beef Booklet.

Argentina Forage Finished Beef Summary (6 page brochure)
This brochure is a summary of the Technology Transfer Mission – Argentina Forage Finished Beef booklet.

Sod Seeding (seeding forages into existing stands using minimal tillage)
A guide for sod seeding was published in December 2008.

Producing Forage Finished Beef Manual

Pasture Planner

Forage Finished Beef Fact Sheet

Grass Fed Beef Model
(An interactive Excel worksheet to help you calculate your return on investment)